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Momiya by Pascal Grasso 33sq

Parisian architect Pascal Grasso has installed a temporary, transportable restaurant on the roof of Le Palais de Tokyo museum in Paris.

Momiya by Pascal Grasso 27

The structure features a dining room for twelve people with a panoramic view over the Seine and the Eiffel tower.

Momiya by Pascal Grasso 15

The restaurant comprises a glass cabin and a perforated metal screen covering the central cooking area.

Momiya by Pascal Grasso 31sq

Coloured LED lighting is placed between the metal skin and the glass core.

Momiya by Pascal Grasso 22

White Corian furniture populates the dining room.

Momiya by Pascal Grasso 8

The 18 metre-long structure was part constructed in the Cherbourg boatyard in northern France and transported to Paris in two parts, where it was assembled on the roof of Le Palais de Tokyo.

Momiya by Pascal Grasso 9

The restaurant takes its name, Nomiya, from a very small restaurant in Japan.

Momiya by Pascal Grasso 11

Photos are by Nicolas Dorval-Bory.

Momiya by Pascal Grasso 12

Photos are by Nicolas Dorval-Bory. Heres more from Pascal Grasso:

Nomiya: Temporary restaurant on the roof of the Palais de Tokyo museum

The art center Le Palais de Tokyo asked us to imagine a temporay piece on the roof of the building. We designed a take-down and easily transportable module, which is a twelve seats dining room, with a panoramic view on Paris. Nomiya is the name of the very small restaurant in Japan.

Momiya by Pascal Grasso 6

The structure is 18m long, 4m large, 3.50 m high and weights 22 tonnes. It has been constructed in the Cherbourg boatyard, in the North of France, and transported in two pieces by special trunks to Paris, and then set on the roof of the Museum.

Momiya by Pascal Grasso 7

This construction is composed by a glass volume, covered by a metallic skin on its central part.

Momiya by Pascal Grasso 10

The dining area, entirely made of glass, is looking at the Seine and the Eiffel tower.

Momiya by Pascal Grasso 14

The central part (cooking aera) is covered by a punched made-to-measure sheet metal. The perforations represent an aurora borealis drawing.

Momiya by Pascal Grasso 17

The lightning system is put between the glass and the metallic skins.

Momiya by Pascal Grasso 21

Composed by lines of leds, it emphasizes the drawing of the facade and changes its colors, like a real aurora borealis.

Momiya by Pascal Grasso 29

The interior design is minimalist, with a white Corian furniture and a grey wooden floor.

Momiya by Pascal Grasso 18

Above the dinner table, suspended leds extend the sparkling of the city.

Momiya by Pascal Grasso 28

Architect: Pascal Grasso

Artist associated: Laurent Grasso
Structure / facade engineer : ARCORA
Client: Palais de Tokyo / Electrolux

Momiya by Pascal Grasso 24

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